16 Examples of Stylish Image Sliders

Nowadays image sliders are extremely common in portfolios and other websites where you need to showcase items. Here’s a few samples of different styles of sliders on the web.


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Best New Features in Photoshop CS5 for Web Designers

Adobe has launched their newest iteration of Photoshop, named Photoshop CS5. New CS5 features are mostly directed at people interested in manipulating photos, but there are some features that are handy even for web designers. Here’s a few of them.

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Some Grunge Resources For Your Website

As Web 2.0 style passes way, it’s time for something new. As Web 2.0 style is all about glossy and shiny look, another option would be something rather crude, radical and provoking. Such as the grunge style — dirty look with irregular, nasty, sometimes even ugly and crooked visual elements. Will it establish itself as a trend? Probably not. However, it may be used once some creative and unconventional design approach is needed.




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Tutorial: Simple News View With Drupal

DrupalPersonally, one of the most common things that clients have asked me to do for their website is to make a simple news page.  Here’s a simple tutorial how to make that in Drupal.

Before we begin, you will need to have Drupal 6.x installed and configured. Also, you will need the following modules: CCK, Views.

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15 Inspirational Single-Page Websites

Here’s 15 highly inspirational websites with a single page, in no particular order.

Veboo Labs

Veboo Labs

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Small Tips To Stay Motivated Freelancing


Being a freelancer has its ups and downs. Staying motivated is one of the key things for success in freelancing career. Here is a few tips for being motivated, that I have personally found to be really effective.

Make a To-Do List Every Day

To-Do List generally has bit wrong sound to it. What I have found to be effective is to every evening make a small, 2 to 4 things you should accomplish tomorrow. Just something small and achievable, like f.ex. “email a client” or “make a Photoshop mockup”. Don’t try too hard and make too big tasks for yourself every day.

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11 Web Application Icon Resources

Here’s 11  hand-picked sets of icons for you to use in your next webproject! They are all free to use, but I recommend reading the specific restrictions in every set.

Xiao Icon

Xiao Icons

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Tutorial: Password-Protected Web Folder


Sometimes it is necessary to allow just selected people to access content on websites. Probably the easiest way to do this on Apache web-server is with HTAccess. Here is a short tutorial how to do it.

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